Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking forward to Spring!

These pictures were taken last summer. We were doing a lot of remodeling at my little cottage. Garrett was helping to paint the fence. He had a blast! (He even painted a lot of the grass!) LOL He loves to help me and he loves to be outside so this was the perfect job for him! He was 6 years old here.

I found these old screen doors at a junk store for $20.00. I thought that they would be perfect for the cottage. I love screen doors...they remind me of when I use to stay at my grandma's house when I was a little girl. I haven't had them installed yet...maybe soon. I will love to leave the doors open and let the fresh spring air flow in through the old screen doors. I can't wait til Spring!


Deanna said...

I love screen doors! I swear to you that we had that door. My dad painted it green and my mother almost had a heart attack! It was hilarious. The next day she painted it back to white. Dad was never asked again to select colors.

I love the way a door like that sounds when it's lightly slammed.

Deanna :)

nikkicrumpet said...

Those old screen doors will add so much charm...there is something about them that brings back happy memories of my grandmas house!

bec4 said...

I too am looking forward to spring, but I am sure it is 3 months out at least. In Montana spring usually means more snow, but wet snow. I can't wait for garage sales.