Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a few more birthday pictures...

These are a few more pictures of Christy's birthday. Here she is with her friend, Donna and her little girl, McKenzie. Jason and McKenzie love to play together. Donna and Christy have been friends since they were little. This is Christy opening a gift that her Papaw Rodney and Mamaw Pat gave her. His mother, Christy's great grandma, (Mamaw Dickey) made this afghan and pillow years ago. She is in Heaven now and I know that she was smiling from Heaven. We have such a sentimental family. We all loved Mamaw and Papaw Dickey so much. I think about them all of the time.

Christy and Cole. They have always been so close and I know that they always will be. She has always been like a 'mother hen' to him! I think she got that from me! That is how I was with my little sister and brother!

Nanny and Cole. She loves him so much! He is not even her blood grandson but she told me that he has always been hers. Isn't that so sweet? She is a very sweet lady and I love her.

Christy and Nanny. Christy was her first grand -daughter. Don't they look so sweet together?

Papaw Rodney and little Jason! Jason is his first great-grandson!

Christy, Jason, Papaw Rodney, Mamaw Pat, and Christy's daddy. There are four generations here.
I know that I show a lot of pictures of my children and their families, etc. (Jason was getting very sleepy!) I love them all so much and I just want to be able to share what is important to me on my blog. I'm trying to post more decorating projects on here also because that is what my blog was suppose to be about. I will try to do a little of both in this new year. Thanks for visiting!


Deanna said...

I loved the family pictures!

BTW, I am feeling so lazy today but I have so much housework to do. I'll try and get my flea market finds on here sometime tonight.

Deanna :)

P.S. do you ever see cute word verification words? "Dippity" is the word I have to type that not cute or what? It's not the first time that word had come up for me.....!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Lee Laurie, you have such a beautiful family!! I think it is wonderful that you show them on your blog! There is nothing more special than family :)

Big Hugs,

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Lee Laurie,
Please continue to share family photos ~ family is our bit of heaven here on earth.
You have such nice looking children and I know you are so proud of them!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

P.S. I love Deanna's comment about the cute word ~ I never get cute words like that!!

The Muse said...

What a lovely family! :)