Thursday, November 6, 2008 'diva' doggie

This is me and my Sassy girl. I was outside on my litttle porch drinking my morning coffee and listening to the birds sing. She is such a baby! She wanted me to hold her. She turned 11 years old in September. Can you just see how much we love each other by these pictures? I had her doggie mama for 9 years before she passed away. That just broke my heart. Her name was "Classie". Sassy looks a lot like her mama...just a little bigger.


The Joy of Nesting said...

Hi Lee Laurie,

I wandered over from Laurie's blog. What a lovely blog (actually both your blogs) and family you have!! :c} I would like to come back and visit more often. If you have a couple of free minutes come visit my little part of Bloglandia.

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico

Stevie said...

Sassy is a cute and sweet "DIVA". She is spoiled thru and thrua all the way to the bone. Pets have the ability to become and feel just like a family member and it does hurt when they leave us. Years from now when you look back at these pictures....I hope they make you happy. I love the morning time...the smell of coffee...birds singing....squirrels chasing one another...looking for their breakfast...I remember as a young boy spending the night at my grandparents house and waking up to the smell of their coffee, the smell of breakfast Maw Maw was cooking, the crowing of their roosters....that was "the good ole days" ;) Have a great day!


Hi Lee Laurie,
Ahhh what a cute baby!! You had asked about my Mom's tub~I think it might be a little smaller than a regular tub but I am 5'3"and I can almost straighten my legs in it. Take care and thanks for all of your sweet sweet comments!!