Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch with the ladies...

This is another one of our Red Hat Lunches. We had a fun time. We had lunch at a little place in the mall called Broma's Deli. They make the best stuffed spuds. I had a baked potato with grilled chicken and bacon topped with cheddar cheese. It was delicious!

The deli was so crowded that day. Everyone kept looking at us and I'm sure some of them wondered who we were and what we were doing! I was the only 'pink hatter' that showed up.

After lunch, I had to ditch the hat and walk down to where I work. That is one reason that we had our lunch in the mall because I had to work that day. Boo Hoo!! I didn't get to go shopping with the other ladies like we usually do. Oh well...I don't really like shopping in the mall anyway. Now show me a thrift store or Hudson's or Dirt Cheap and I can shop for hours! I'm serious! I love to dig through everything and find little treasures! It's like therapy to me! Retail therapy!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sounds like lunch with the ladies was alot of fun...until you had to go back to work :-(.

I don't like mall shopping either..but thrifting is the best!