Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dew on the roses...

I haven't been able to do a post for a week or so because my computer has been acting up. I guess it has been a little tired just like me. I have been so busy! Work has been very busy the last couple of weeks. Also we are short handed and that makes it even harder on one person when you are working in a department by yourself. I had two days off this week...and I needed it ! I was able to get a few things done at my cottage. I packed up Summer clothes to give me some room in my closet for my Winter clothes. That was a job! I even decorated for Christmas just a little bit. I will do the rest after Thanksgiving. I have to start early because my hours will be long at work. That's retail!

I went around my yard and took a few pictures of my roses. They are still hanging in there. I guess they don't know yet that it is Fall. I love roses with dew on them. It almost looks like teardrops. That's what I called them when I was a little girl.

This is the Clemitis that I have in the backyard. I really like it.

My trees are starting to change colors and I love it! I love all of the warm colors of Fall. This is one of my Hickory trees.

This is the Hickory tree out back by my shed. Isn't she pretty? My two dogs are in this picture. Ol Blue and Bear. They protect me at my cottage.

Hopefully I will have my computer all fixed and good as new by the week-end. It's amazing how addicted you can get to blogging.
I hope y'all are having a great Fall!


Anonymous said...

This has been a very strange week indeed. I think it is the change of the season. Very short days and the cold is coming in quickly. Hugs. Tammy

blushing rose said...

Your roses are beautiful & the Clematis, yummy ... BUT, that Hickory tree is awesome.

Will be eager to see your decoration pics.

Don't push yourself too hard & get sick, LL.

Popover for our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY if you haven't already. Have a lovely eve. TTFN ~Marydon

Adrienne said...

Beautiful trees. If that's your house in the background it's the same exact color as my house (yellow)

Anonymous said...

Your roses are lovely. Mine are still hanging in there too. I think they like this cooler weather and no humidity.
I used to work in retail and remember the very long hours. Hope you get some rest in between.
It was so nice to see you post today!

Stella said...

Your roses are beautiful with the dew on them. The Hickory tree just screams fall. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.