Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've been up to...

Hey Y'all! Just wanted to pop in and let y'all see what I've been up too the past few weeks. I was without a computer for a couple of months. My laptop bit the dust! My hubby bought me a new one for our  first anniversary which is coming up soon.

I decided to put some bright colors in my booth. Lots of reds and blues! 

All ready for the 4th of July! We sold the quilt really fast. It was new and I only put $40.00 on it. I knew it would go fast. I had originally bought it to re-do my son Garrett's room....he wanted a sports theme instead.

 This cute little print with the flag, I bought years ago and just framed it in an old frame that I had in storage.

 Lots of items that were mine from years ago and a few that I've found on my 'thrifting trips'. I love to go thrifting.

 The banner didn't hang around for very long either. As well as the flag needle point pillow.

The chalkboard next to the hutch is one that I made from an old mirror frame that I bought while on my mother/daughter trip. I sold it for $22.00.

 An older picture...sold all of the cobalt fiesta and both metal strainers frames, soup bowls with lids,...made me so happy. :)


I added a glass cutting board and some black mugs the other day. I've been going through tons of boxes in storage. It feels so good to be de-cluttering and making money at the same time.

 Every time I run across table runners, I snatch them up. They always sell fast.

 I purchased this large decanter years ago and had forgotten all about it. It was still in the box. At first I was gonna keep it but after unpacking it I realized that it was just too big to use in my kitchen. Maybe someone will have room for it in theirs. :)

This was my first chalkboard to make and it sold on the very first day. $25.00. They are so much fun to make. I actually started a smaller one yesterday for my cottage. Hope y'all enjoyed seeing a little of what I've been up to. So glad that I have a new computer. I can go visiting y'all now!


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
Well I just had the best time catching up with your past posts and all you've been up too. I have been MIA for a bit getting over the sadness of my sweet Miss B.
Your booth space looks wonderful in the patriotic colors and the great treasures you are offering your customers.
Looks like you and your daughter had a fun time on your getaway and it ended with some great finds.
Hope we get to see what you do with your treasures. That basket had some beautys in it.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Missed you and hope you have a great weekend. Happy almost anniversary. My how fast one year has passed already.

XO Celestina Marie

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Your booth looks perfect! I know what you mean about table runners, they sell fast for me too and actually linen sales pays my rent. So glad you are having great sales, you have all the right stuff!


My Cottage Charm said...

Hi sweet girl! I just got a new computer about a week and a half ago...mine kept saying my hard drive had bad sectors, so my hubby ordered me a new one before I ended up losing everything on the old one. I backed my pics up to an external hard drive, but I still have to transer them to my new computer. :)
I'm glad you got a new computer...I've missed seeing your lovely little face on here! :)
Your booth is so cheery and bright...I would enjoy hanging out in there for sure!!! I have been SO busy! I have my window seat almost completely finished now...just some touch up paint and some sewing yet to go, but I'm glad it's almost done! I've been building some wainscoting in there too, but haven't blogged about that yet. I'm trying to pick a paint color for that room too...oh that is SO hard!
I better scoot, my son is sitting here with Uno cards waiting on me...he's going to camp tomorrow so I better get in some quality time now!

My Cottage Charm said...

thank ya ma'am! :) I was tickled to get to use my stash of old buttons for something other than jar decor! lol

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Your booth looks great, I have got to make some chalkboards, everyone says how fast they sell! I sell runners really fast too. so glad you are back in business with a new computer, what a pain!