Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun in New Orleans...

I just had to do another post on our 'mother-daughter' getaway. We had such a good time. We walked our legs off! We walked everywhere. Here are a some of the pictures of the beautiful houses.  I loved them all.

 I love all of the balconies on the houses and the flower boxes! So beautiful.
 I wanted to go inside each and every one of theses old houses. 

 I bet they are so pretty inside.
This one was right across form our bed and breakfast. I love the pretty color...purple.

 After we walked past tons of beautiful homes, we came to the river. Can you believe that I only took one picture? :)
 We walked all the way to the French Market. My first time...and I loved it. These next few pictures are of us at a little cafe called "The Magnolia Cafe". The food was delicious! I love Cajun food. Here is Christy....a little sunburned. It was hot walking and we both forgot to put on sunscreen. :(

 The decor in the cafe was so shabby and rustic. I loved it. I had to take tons of pictures. The artwork on the wall was so expensive. 
I think they painted on old cabinet doors.
 Isn't this one cute? 
 This one was my favorite. Its really an old screen door. They wanted 1200.00. Are they crazy?! I'm gonna make one of these for my kitchen one day. Bet I could make it a lot cheaper than that. :)
 Yummy seafood gumbo. It was the best.

 After we had lunch we went walking some more. This was the cutest little shop. I loved the
vintage things inside. They wouldn't allow pictures.....so I got one of the window display.

 I loved this pink bicycle. It belonged to the
 lady that owned the shop. 

 These were a few pictures of the main house when we had our breakfast. Everything was so beautiful. 
 It was full of antiques and the old silver and china was so pretty. 

 Christy, almost hidden behind the huge chairs. I was taking so many pictures. She just kept shakin' her head at me. :)
 The food was delicious. The dish with the berries on top was called a blitz. It was so good!

 I love all of the detail in these beautiful old houses. The arch below was incredible. The detail!

So pretty!

I could really live here. lol
 Beautiful crystal chandelier and ceiling medallion. 
 Me....resting in the 'den'.
 I just had to show y'all this beautiful bathroom. lol   It was very tiny but oh so pretty! I loved everything about it. The mirror...
 the sink...
 and the awesome canopy ceiling and chandelier. I was in awe.....

 We went back to our place and rested a little and got dressed to go out. My daughter was takin' me out on the town. The big city of New Orleans. 
 She took me to a restaurant called 'Desire'. It was elegant and had lots of old charm. The tin ceilings were beautiful.
The food was yummy. I ordered seafood...of course.

She made me feel so special the whole entire time. Afterwards, we went to Bourbon Street. My first time EVER. I was a little nervous....just us two females out at 10:00 at night on Bourbon Street.....but it was fun. lol

We went in so many cute shops. It seemed strange to me to be out shopping so late. Christy said it never closes there. Wow! This little shop was just darling. I only got one picture and the man made me put away my camera. lol  Oh well....

I took one right when I got outside the door! lol

We had a blast and on our way home the next day we even stopped at two thrift shops! The perfect end to a perfect getaway!


Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

What a fabulous vacation you both had!!
I totally enjoyed "tagging" along with you thru the photos :-))
I especially love the lilac colored house! How fun is that!!
Thank you for sharing your trip!!

Christy said...

I love you Mama! I'm so so ready for our next trip! This time will be a longer one with more money lol I had such a blast with you. So thankful you're my Mama. I'm so unbelievably lucky & blessed.

Tanza said...

Hello Sweet Lee !! Gosh, it's been forever !! Loved catching up with you and your sweet going ons !! This looked soo beautiful and relaxing !! What a wonderful, gracious daughter you have !! I sure hope it helped to make you relaxed and feeling happy !! What a wonderful time I'm sure you had together !! Just Momma and daughter !!

Hoping all is well with you and yours .. God is good my friend, and Can't wait to visit you again soon, just to see what you are up too !! Gosh, your baby BoY is soo BiG now !! WoW !! Our babies are always our babies Nooo matter how old they are !! STILL always want to protect, nurture and keep them safe .. that never changes ..

Take care sweet girl and hoping you have a happy week .. peace and love to you ~
Big Hugs ~TeA~ xo