Thursday, September 16, 2010

Think Pink...Something Old, Something New

Years ago, back in 1994, I managed a gift shop in our mall called 'The Mole Hole'. It was a beautiful store and we had so many unique things. I worked there for eight years. My boss and I would go to market twice a year to order beautiful things for the store. I picked this tea set out one time at the Atlanta market. My boss, Mrs. Dean bought it for me for Christmas that year. I have so many things that she gave me over the years and I cherish every one of them, because 'she' gave them to me. See, I even loved 'pink' and 'roses' back then too. I always have for as long as I can remember. This pattern was by a company called 'Omnibus' a division of 'Fitz and Floyd'. Back then we didn't have big stores in our town that carried 'Fitz and Floyd' so we were the only ones here that sold it.

The name of the pattern is called "Love Notes". Isn't that a pretty name? I have six cups and they have little postage stamps on them. The teapot has a stop watch on one side.

I decided to get it out of the china cabinet and start actually using it. Besides, I needed a little sugar and creamer for my bedside table...

Isn't the little tray so pretty? It says 'Thinking of You" on the bottom of it.
Now for the 'something new'. Look what I bought yesterday. Isn't it so cute? Perfect for my bedside table. Perfect for when I just want to reach over and push a button and have my coffee ready for after I've hit the snooze button for that last time. :)

I love my new little coffee pot.

I've been reading so many blogs and so many of you are decorating for Fall. I love favorite time of year. I just haven't started yet getting ready for it. Maybe this week-end.
Remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure not to forget that mammogram. I'll be getting mine this month.

Love Y'all,


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
This tea set is so lovely! I think I have always loved pink and roses. I think that's one reason I don't decorate much for autumn. The colors just don't go well in our home.
Love your little coffee pot!

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Oh, I love the Love Notes pattern, it's so pretty!

The Shanty Girl said...

Love your little tea set! I lived in a vintage home before the Church wanted to buy our land to expand the parking lot, something happened and the house is still there unused 8 years later, something about the city has a plan for that street, it was completely decorated Victorian with alot of pink roses, I had some beautiful drapes that had pink roses embroidered all over them. I still have alot of rose doilies, I would make my christmas decor match my pink. I did have a hard time decorating indoors for fall I would just decorate my porch.


Debbie said...

Hi Lee Laurie...what a beautiful tea set! How wonderful your old boss gave this to special.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What gorgeous pink dishes! The Mole Hole was an inspirational place to work, for sure!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

What a beautiful tea set! And how wonderful that it has special meaning, too! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Sares said...

It's beautiful and I am glad to see you use it for everyday use, I think we should do that with our special things!

Tracy said...

Love the tea set and the *pink* coffee pot! I want one for my kitchen. :)

craftyles said...

What a beautiful tea set. I love the dainty feel of it. So pretty and good for you, to use your stuff!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I loved your comment about " I brake for Goodwill's" hahhahahhah!!!
I am so envious of your pink coffee pot! ADORABLE!
Have a pretty day!

Rebecca said...

Oh girl...I've accidentally deleted comments before! ARgh!

What I was saying (or think I was saying) was that I love love love your pink tea set. I remember them well and was always so sad that I didn't snag one up for myself when they were available. :( Now they are really, really hard to find.

Love your sweet coffee pot, too. I'm trying to decide if I want a PINK MIXER (you know those big ones) or play it safe and it stainless or cottage white. I'm in such a quandary. It's a big Kitchen Aid Mixer and the price is high for the one I want and I KNOW I'll never get another one. So I must choose carefully!

Ok girly...hope your day is wonderful~


La Petite Gallery said...

Hi Laurie. just took another peek at the pretty dishes.


La Petite Gallery said...

Hey, it's Oct 16th, how are you??
Hope all is OK