Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doctor's visits and thrifting...

I have been so busy the last few days. Yesterday, I had 2 doctor's appointments. I scheduled them on the same day because of work. I had my yearly mammogram at 8:00....thank goodness for insurance! That is a very important test to have every year. Then at 2:30, I had my check up with my cardiologist and everything went great. He said that my heart looks excellent and he kept me on the same medicines...didn't have to switch them. The skipping beats and racing is just something that I will have to get use to. The medicine helps but it still does it a lot and mostly at night whenever I start to relax. Anyway...I had a few hours in between doctor visits to do anything that I wanted to do. So whats a girl suppose to do with a little free time on her hands? I went thrifting! I found some really nice things. I passed up so many things too because I am trying to buy only what I know that I can use. I use to but a lot of things and put them in storage for 'fixing' up later. I've got plenty of that stuff to last for years! LOL
The first thing that I found was this pretty picture of roses with the blue and white vase. My plan is to fix up my guest room with blue, yellow, and white. If this doesn't look well with everything, I can always put it in my booth and resell it. It cost me $3.00.

It is on a thick board ready to be framed or I guess it could be used just like this.

Next is this pretty blue basket. I can use it to hold things in the guest bathroom. It was $1.00.

I love this next item. It is a cookbook holder. It is enamel covered metal on cobalt blue. I have some blue in my kitchen and I think that this will go perfect. I paid $3.00 for it and we sell some similar ones where I work for $30.00 and they are made out of thin metal. I did good on this one!

I thought this sweet little frame was precious! It is a 5x7 and its a pale yellow. I'm sure that I will find a good place for it. It was only $1.00. The material under it is actually a 'Waverly' curtain panel. They only had one and it was only $1.00 too. I bought it to use as a tablecloth. I love the colors and of course the roses.

This is one of the great deals of the day!!! Its a chandelier that you put tea lights in. I guess that you would call it a 'candelier'! I thought it was so elegant looking. I haven't even cleaned it up yet. I know that it will even look better after I do that. It was $5.00. I think it will go in my bathroom.

This is a book carrier with little ribbon embroidered flowers. Its made of velvet. I thought it would be perfect for my Bible. It has a pocket inside for pens and paper.

I love this picture and the frame. I haven't cleaned it up yet...I wanted to hurry and take pictures before I have to go to work. It is signed by the artist. I paid $12.00 for it. It is going in my rose room.

I know that this picture looks strange but I couldn't figure out how to display it. I got this whole bolt of cross-stitch fabric for $5.00!!!! It has 20 yards on the bolt! I can do many projects with this!

$5.00!!! I still can't get over that! I use to pay over $5.oo for a small piece of it. Now if I can just make some time to cross-stitch a few things. I use to be really into it. It was relaxing to me. I will be sure to post some things as I do them.
Well...that's it for today! I love sharing my bargains with you! My daughter says that I'm a professional shopper! Oh well...At least I do it on the cheap!


Rebecca Nelson said...

Fabulous finds my friend.

Just got the Mammo thing done last week. Yes...thank heavens for insurance. Had other tests too and I'm feeling GREAT now!

Blessings to you as you deal with the meds and heart issues. Isn't it wonderful that God cares about every aspect of our lives?

He is good. All the time.

Love, Rebecca

Whatever Is Lovely said...

Hello Lee Laurie! Very nice to meet you! Thanks so much for the warm welcome & for Stopping by to visit. I'm honored to have you as a follower! You have a wonderful blog! I've enjoyed reading & you have a beautiful family!

Looks like you had some really great finds in between visits!So great that you had such good Dr. visits. I know it's always a relief to get those out of the way!
Come back & visit again! ~
Blessings ~ Teresa

Tara said...

OK, my favorites are the chandelier and the book bag! You found a lot of great things, love the fabric too. I'm glad to hear you have no major health concerns. I hope your fibrom is staying at bay too. Have a loveleigh night!

Tanza said...

Hi LL,
Dr. appts..uugghh..NOT soo FUN !! But, to have time to go shopping in between them..aahh..makes it soo much BETTER !! To find wonderful teasures that you adore, NOW, that makes everything worth while !!What a FUN day you had !! LoVe those kinda afternoons.Just meee, and sweet shoppes !! Have a fabulous Friday LL..
hugs ~tea~xo

Anonymous said...

I love your cookbook holder!! I could use one of those in my own kitchen. I have an idea in my head of how I want to construct my own and it's on honey's "do list" for me. All he needs is schematics and he can do anything I need.

Love the painting too. It is quietly understated.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Those are some wonderful finds! I am glad to hear that your heart doctor said things were great.....

candy said...

Glad to read you are ok...

You found some neat items!

:) candyfaith

Denise Marie said...

great deals!! glad all the dr. visits went well.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Wow got some great deals. I especially love the "candelier". It is absolutely adorable! I know we've said it before, but one of these days we HAVE to go thrifting together. Hope you're having a good week so far. I'm glad to hear that you appointments went well, friend!