Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bring on the rain...

I've had a very busy last couple of days...I spent Saturday and part of Sunday in Biloxi, Ms. I had a bridal seminar to attend and I also got to do a little bit of site seeing. Everything looks so different after Hurricane Katrina. They are really getting things back to normal. It did look strange though with all of the vacant lots where beautiful homes used to be along the beach. It is so sad. There are not any casinos on the water anymore. The ones that re-built are now across the highway from the beach. The Beau Rivage is in the same place of course. They had a lot of work to do and now it looks beautiful. We ate there for 'brunch'. We ate at 'The Palace' for dinner the night before. I'm not a gambler but I do like to go there to eat! I pigged out! I officially started my diet on Monday!

This is the solarium cafe at Beau Rivage. I thought this was so beautiful. It would be so awesome built on the side of a house! A dream house!

I tried to get a good picture of the front. It is a huge building. Well...getting back home felt good but I came home to a flooded bathroom! The water in my shower started leaking at the faucet and it got everywhere! I haven't remodeled that room yet....thank goodness.

This is the before picture in my bathroom. I have been meaning to get to this room for so long and I have decided to start now. I had hung my huge mirror up in here whenever I moved here because there was only a tiny mirror there and I didn't have anywhere to store it where it wouldn't get broken. I have had it for a long, long time. It went with a dresser that I still have in storage. Look at all of that green wallpaper! The previous owner's didn't even put it up correctly. You can see all of seams and the patterns don't match. I myself don't like wallpaper in a bathroom because of the steam, etc. from the shower. The counter top is laminate...dark green! It has shelves underneath that are just open. No doors or anything. If I decide to keep the counter top, I will paint it and put a skirt around the bottom. I really would like to use an old buffet that I have in storage and put the sink into it and paint it cottage white. Right now it is cherry stained. I'm gonna check into it because I don't know how much work is involved in doing that. I plan to use the same mirror...it looks 'shabby' to me.

The more I looked at the wallpaper the more I knew that it just had to come down! It was very easy too. I guess the moisture in the room from the water leaking made it loosen up a bit! Great!

This is where I started taking it down! Oh and look at the white stuff on the floor! That is where the previous owners had put that insulation stuff that comes in a tube along all of the cracks where the walls meet the floor! It puffs up and gets big! I got a box cutter and cut as much as I could away. It looks like a 'blob' coming out of those cracks! I saw a horror movie about that when I was a kid! It scared me!

This is after I pulled most of it down. I turned on my playlist and got busy! I'm gonna get help moving this medicine cabinet and the big mirror so that I can get behind them to take off the other paper.

It's looking better already! I'm excited! I'm thinking about putting bead-board up on the walls. I can see a pretty chandelier hanging here. The shower is awful! I didn't even want to show a picture of that! I bought a bathtub at Lowe's a couple of weeks ago to go here instead of that yucky shower! Of course I have to move the toilet so that it will fit along that wall! I hope that I didn't bite off more than I can chew! LOL No.....not me!

I will take more pictures as I go along. If anybody has any ideas that I might could use...please feel free to leave me some comments! I would appreciate it! I have to get ready for work now. I did all of this, this morning and now I'm tired before I even go to my real job.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my central air unit broke too! When it rains it pours!

I thought the song that I have playing was perfect for today!


blushing rose said...

We did the bead board in our main bath & in the laundry room ... I wouldn't trade that decision for the world. I love it. You will be happy with it for sure, Lee Laurie. Anxious to see the completed project ... TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Laurie Lee,
Just dropping by to see how you are doing....You have been so busy...That white stuff on the crachk is horrible ...sound like they did not know what they wer doing ..putting the wallpaper and stuff. Love the new place...forgot the name..lol...Just beautiful~ Haven't been back to the coast since 2 years...It's look different and sady then....Hope everything looking better...I love the beautiful old home that were there..It's so sad they are not there anymore. Good luck with remodeled your batheroom..will be back to see what you've done...Come over to check out the Mississippi Belles that Lady Katherine is getting all the Mississippian...together....Sign up...Glad you are doing great...Have awonderful week..Katherinellen

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...


I'm so excited. I simply can't wait for the end results! Hopefully soon???


Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...


I'm so excited. I simply can't wait for the end results! Hopefully soon???


Carol............. said...

Lots of work..you will be a busy girl but it will be worth it, huh?

Anonymous said...

I love jodi!! We are going to do wainscotting in our living room & most likely the bath as well. I'm debating for the spare room. I love the look it offers. Very warm country cottage.

What colors are you going for my friend? Do tell... :)

Hugs to you both.

Whatever Is Lovely said...

Sounds like a very nice trip! Beautiful pictures!! I know... So sad what Katrina did to everything...

So sorry what you came home to! But sounds like your bathroom will be beautiful when you are finished! Love that mirror you have in there! Very pretty! I also love the buffet sink idea! I was going to do that with a sideboard in one of my bathrooms... But havent yet...I think that would look beautiful! You sound like you have the talent to do such things.. Cant wait to see the progress!
Hope you have a great week! Big Hugs ~ Teresa

Tara said...

It looks better already! Good luck with that project! Marydon is right about the beadboard, that would be a great idea. I've never been to New Orleans, but always thought it would be a magical place to visit. Hope you are having a great week.

Denise Marie said...

I went to Biloxi this Spring to relax. Not a gambler either. I hope you found some of the awesome shopping around there and the row of chain saw art made out of the stumps of blown down trees up the ocean road. I hope you get to use your buffet for the bathroom vanity. It'd be wonderful with your mirror. blessings

Cindy said...

What a huge project! They have beadboard wallpaper that looks just like beadboard and you can paint it. I'm going to put some up in my little powder room....someday!