Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun in Kenner, La.

A couple of weeks ago, My friend Missy and I went to Kenner, La. to tour an old plantation home. We always tour plantations in Natchez, Ms. so this time she decided that we should go to Louisiana for a change. This home is called Destrehan. It was built in 1787. To me it wasn't as grand or as pretty as some of the homes that we have toured but it was interesting. I love looking back into the past and seeing how people lived back then. This home has been changed some from when it was originally built. In 1840, the new owner's remodeled it in the Greek Revival style. In 1864, the Union Army took it over and established the Rost Home Colony where newly freed slaves learned trades.

These tall towers on each side of the home were used to keep pigeons. They raised them for food.

This is one of the servants houses.

Destrahan Plantation initially known for making indigo ink. They sold the ink and it was used to decorate china. One popular pattern of china was "Willow Blue"...we call it "Blue Willow". Later, Destrehan was known for making sugar. This in one of the huge bowls that they used in the sugar making process.

The old oak trees are so beautiful. I love the moss hanging from the limbs.

A movie was filmed here a while back called "Interview with a Vampire". Never seen it but now I guess I might.

Of course, back in the day this road wasn't there. All you could see then was the river. Can you just imagine looking out from the front porch at the beautiful Mississippi River?

A picture from inside of the gift shop.

Front of the gift shop. I loved it.

After we toured the home, we went down by the river and I took a few pictures looking back to the street. These little shops are so pretty and colorful.

Looking up at the river banks...our beautiful flags.

The street across from the river.

We had a very peaceful day. Of course after we relaxed for a while, we had to go do a little retail therapy. We went shopping! We went to a huge thrift store called "The Red White and Blue". We had a blast and found so many great things!

This is Missy with some of our finds.

And me holding a sweet sign that says "Count Your Blessings". I had to have that and the mirror I bought for only $10.00. It is solid wood and very heavy. You know I will be painting it white!
I'm trying to start blogging more like I use too. I have just had so much going on that it kind of got pushed aside. I miss it and I miss sharing things with my blogging friends and seeing all that you do. I love all of you. You mean so much to me.


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

That looks like a fun day! I'll be heading to the New Orleans area soon and I am interested in seeing what there is to do! A plantation tour will be on my list for sure!Happy weekend!...Debbie

Donna said...

Hi, Lee Laurie,
Looks like ya'll have a fun, great day. Thanks for sharing pics of the pretty trees and plantation.
I love those old house, too. Great finds!!

Tanza said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
Sooo good to see you back in bloggy land !! I've missed you and your sweet posts .. Always something fun, or from the heart .. I do know how life gets us soo busy, and wrapped up in soo many directions .. I'm only able to post about once a week .. I'm fine with that ..

I always love when you share your tours, I think I've told you my Daddy lived and passed away about a year ago, and lived right there in Kenner La.. His health failed right after all that hurricane Katrina, and was never the same again .. It makes me happy to see your pictures ..

You found wonderful treasures, I just LoVe that mirror .. Can't wait to see the re-do .. She will be GORGEOUS !! Make sure you share .. Well sweet one, take care, and you have a happy day ~
Hugs ~tea~ xo

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lee Laure,
Oh so great to see you. I have missed you so. I know how busy life can be and at times it is that way for me.
Did your son hear back from the record company yet? Hope so. He is so talented.
Your tour looks like it was a really fun day and the shopping was great too. Great find on the mirror.It will be gorgeous painted white. Can't wait to see it. I love the pics of the colorful shoppes. Reminds me of a place we visit in Eureka Springs, Ark.

Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. Yes, that pool gets a workout in this heat. It is the only way you can be outside at times.
It is a blessing to jump in that water.
Have a great day sweets and see you again soon.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Bring Pretty Back said...

LOVED this post! I woild just love to go there! Interesting that they raised pigeons for food. All of it was interesting. That is cool it was the set for a movie. I have never seen that movie either though.
Have a pretty day!

Tracy said...

Hi Lee Laurie,

Thanks for pointing me out to your blog post on Destrehan! Beautiful photos!

Hope you have a lovely day. :)