Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good news for Cole...

I have some exciting news! My son Cole went and recorded a demo last Friday in Nashville. Yesterday he received a call from a record company that is very interested in recording him. He is so excited and so is his mama! Here is an old picture of him when he was a little boy with one of his 'toy' guitars. He went through many of these!

Me, Cole and Shanna at their baby shower last year.

Me and Cole a long time ago.

Last year when he was in town for a visit.

Me and Cole when he was at Camp Shelby a couple of years ago. He has grown up so much.

I hope everything works out for Cole with this chance to really shine and get his music recorded. He has really worked hard at writing his own music and teaching himself how to play his guitar.

I hope you will take a minute to listen to him sing this song. It is from May 2009. Remember to go down to the bottom and turn off my play list first.

Thank you for listening and letting me share this with you.


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Lee-Laurie,
Cole sang a great song!I hope all his dreams come true!
What a fun trip for Easter you had. The baby is so adorable what a sweetie-pie! Nothing like baby-love.
Happy belated birthday young lady!
Looks like you had a wonderful celebration full of special moments.
I enjoyed catching up with you, I have been spending most of my time lately packing we are moving in a few weeks and I still have so much more to pack, its crazy!
Have a wonderful week,
Big hugs, Elizabeth