Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Gotta Love Wallpaper!!

Well...I have been very busy getting my den ready to paint. Every room in this little cottage had paneling walls. I dont care for that at all. I primed and painted my bedroom a pretty sage green straight on the paneling. It looks a lot better,however if you bump the walls with anything,the paint comes off!! Im not ready to repaint the bedroom right now because I already have my furniture set up. One day I will repaint it. As for now I will just touch up any scratches. I worked on my den this past weekend preparing the walls for paint. I decided to put up textured wallpaper that you can paint. It has an orange peel design to it. I put this up in my dining room too before I painted it. It turned out really pretty. The paper covers the lines in the paneling and makes it look more like drywall. The den is gonna be painted 'touching white'. It is such a pretty color. It is really a pale peach color. Very shabby and feminine. I plan to use ivory painted furniture and ivory slipcovers on the sofa and loveseat. Well...I'm off to work, at my real job. Maybe I can paint tonight.


Unknown said...

The textured wall paper is a nice touch to cover paneling. I don't like paneling either. The color seems soft and peaceful. I am helping a friend remodel her house...I will have to mention the wallpaper to her. It has been a task to remodel but little bit by little bit we are making it. I look forward to seeing some pictures. Good luck!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I left a comment on your other blog - sorry. It was the link I had from your comment on my post. Please check out your other blog, because I left info on how to add a picture to your posts and how to add music.

Laurie said...

Hi Lee Laurie,
Oh, I am so happy you now have a blog now I can visit with you too!!
Hope you are having a lovely Saturday!